New Oregon CBD Oil Products from Woodstock Hemp Co

Woodstock Hemp Company Product Update


New Product - CBD Tincture

Woodstock Hemp Company Product Update

As we often stipulate across our media channels - we know hemp… And as Oregon’s resident hemp aficionados, we want to produce and share only the finest CBD and THC products available on the market. Due to this, we have spruced up our range to offer America the very best in natural hemp products.

Using only the purest Oregon CBD oil, we have expanded our range to help offer a more unique, personalized cannabis experience. Through intricate harvesting and the latest scientifically-advanced extraction techniques, we are able to select which terpenes, flavonoids and beneficial cannabinoids to include in each vape, tincture and pre-roll. 

Whether you are more of a sativa or an indica kind of person, or you’ve never even heard of the different cannabis strains, our exciting new live resin vapes are sure to provide exactly what you are after.

What are the new CBD products?

Live Resin CBD Vape

A testament to the balancing powers of pure CBD extract, our Live Resin CBD Vapes brings together the plant’s most beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids and natural terpenes. True to the source, it is a perfect cigarette substitute or general means of enjoying CBD in its purest form.

New Woodstock Oregon CBD Oil Vape

Live Resin Full-Spectrum Vape

A true cannabis experience, our Live Resin Full Spectrum Vapes artfully combine the best aspects of Live Resin, Delta-8 and natural terpenes. This creates an all round, full-spectrum vaping experience that provides users with all the natural benefits of the hemp plant in one vape.

Live Resin Delta-8 Vape

Our Live Resin Delta-8 Vape is designed to deliver the entourage effect of 800mg of Delta-8 and 50mg of Live Resin CBD working perfectly in tandem. This Oregon CBD oil craftwork hits you hard and fast, leaving you with a longer lasting more powerful high courtesy of the power of Delta-8.

Live Resin Blend Vape

By combining Live Resin CBD, Delta-8 and Delta-10, our Live Resin Blend Vape brings three of the greatest cannabis properties to the table. Delta-8 for its cerebral amplification. Delta-10 for its energizing effects. Live Resin CBD for its soothing properties. In short, it is a cannabis experience like never before. 

CBD Tinctures

Available in Live Resin CBD and CBD + Delta-8 formats, our new tinctures offer the freshest CBD flavors and effects courtesy of the frozen extraction methods we use when harvesting. This offers users a revolutionary CBD experience that is sure to change the way that you look at CBD products. Each product has its own personal level of potency, meaning you can choose which is right for you. 

What are the benefits of the new CBD products?

New Oregon CBD Oil Vape

Here at Woodstock Hemp we always endeavor to create only the most premium CBD products for our customers. This means the best plants, the most meticulous extraction processes and ultimately some of the purest CBD products available on the market. We also strive to evolve and keep step with the very latest trends in CBD product production.

That is why we have created this range of personal cannabis experiences. Using only the rawest cannabis and hemp plants to create the most refined Oregon CBD oil gives us the opportunity to provide each product with its own unique personality. This in turn gives you the chance to pick a CBD experience that is truly matched to your needs. No more compromising. Only the finest, most genuine hemp experience.

If you want to learn anything else about our latest products or anything else regarding the wonderful world of hemp, contact our team by emailing our founder himself or calling us on (503) 407-4500. 

Here at Woodstock Hemp Company, we live and breathe hemp (literally), so you can trust that we know what we are talking about.

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