Oregon Hemp Company


What started as a indoor, boutique, medical cannabis grow in the Woodstock neighborhood of Portland, OR quickly became a passion and then an obsession. Then hemp came along and suddenly we saw endless fields of neat, tidy rows of beautifully green, bud-laden trees.

We set the wheels in motion, literally, as my brother and I embarked on a cross-country road trip. We drove 43 hours. Across five states and through an ice storm in Nevada to pick up our first 2,400 plants. We had to have the best and we were willing to risk it all.

Since then we’ve drove through many more snowstorms, put out brush fires, had some shady, business deals, had some really good business deals, built one of the most beautiful hemp farms in Central Oregon, had our asses handed to us a time or two, racked-up thousands of more miles, and spent too many late nights buried inside a broken-down combine, always quick with a laugh and few choice words. We've made some great friends and have loved every minute of the journey as we've risked it all to produce some of the best CBD and hemp products imaginable. We make no compromises and neither should you when it comes to your health and hemp. 

Driving Across The Country To Collect Hemp


Ultra Premium Hemp and CBD Products

Growing cannabis or hemp is the easy part. Growing the stuff you want to put your name on and share with the World? That's another story. It's taken us a few years to figure our exactly what that is and there's a very good reason for that: We're deliberate.

We take our time and we do things right, because anything worth doing is worth doing well. Whether it's growing or harvesting, filling vapor cartridges, brand-building, or creating the absolute best live resin products, Woodstock Hemp Company has you covered. 

Hemp thrives throughout Oregon, but the hardest-working, best tasting hemp comes from Woodstock Hemp Company.


Natural Hemp Plants

Indoor, outdoor and everything in-between. From the rich, fertile alluvial soils of the Willamette Valley, the arid, high-desert landscape of Central Oregon, to a state-of-the-art indoor facility in Southern Oregon, Woodstock Hemp Company presents you with superior quality products from the entire state.

While each location and climate presents it's own unique set of conditions and challenges (which is, of course, part of the allure), it also allows everyone to hone their farming and harvesting practices to bring you superior quality whole hemp flower in a wide array of forms and flavors.

We're certain you enjoy them all. 

Lab Tested Hemp-derived Delta-8 Distillate

Exceptional Testing Standards

We provide Certificates of Analysis from 3rd party, independent labs for all our hemp and hemp-based products. To view these, simply scan the QR code on any of our products to see what the cannabinoid profile is of the hemp or hemp-based product you're consuming. It's all right there. 

Check out our Testing page to see our most recent COAs.

We've worked together with some of the most talented individuals in the cannabis and hemp industry to bring you products we'd give our mothers, fathers, great-aunts, and great-grandmothers. Products we're confident you will enjoy and be comfortable consuming. Enjoy, because it's made with ultra premium ingredients. Be comfortable with, because you know it's legal and safe.