Which is the Best Sativa Cartridge for You?

Which is the Best Sativa Cartridge for You?

Which is the Best Sativa Cartridge for You?

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Oh, Great Sativa. Ye Who Goeth by Innumerable Names. Bastion of Energy. Unlocker of Minds. Harbinger of Creativity. We humbly welcome your blessing of uplifting mojo on our weary souls...

^^^ Ok, so that was a little 'extra,' sure, but 'extra' is exactly what a good sativa strain has in store for you.  

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of cannabis experience you'd like? You should. With the proliferation of legal cannabis, you get to do EXACTLY that. How? By carefully selecting your cannabis by strain... think, Baskin Robbins', but like, with significantly less ice cream and crippling, employee sadness... finally, you get to decide (to some degree) what your cannabis experience is like.

Do you want to feel energized?

Do you want to feel unstoppable?

Do you want to feel like nothing can bring you down?

If you answered yes to any of these blatantly leading questions, then the All-Mighty Sativa is the choice for you. It really is that simple and here's why.

What are the Effects of Sativa?

Sativa strains contain a powerful, specific mix of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.), flavonoids, and terpenes, that interact holistically with your body to produce the uplifting and energizing effects people feel. Those different compounds we just mentioned and whose names you’ve already forgotten exist in varying amounts, relative to each other, within sativa strains that make a sativa, well, feel like a sativa. More likely than not, when you use a sativa product, what you’re experiencing is a ‘head high.’

Now, these feelings may not be of a creativity-inspiring intensity that you were hoping would instill the desire or know-how to write the next, Catch-22, but they just might be the kind that offers you a shift in mindset. Enough to help you perceive the World around you in a slightly less intimidating way. You know, with a little more sparkle. In this regard, you could think of a good sativa strain as your own spiritual Instagram filter.

And now, for the heavy: While not everyone’s sativa experience will be the same or to the same degree, there's thousands of years of human experience out there to support that this IS how most people describe it. I could site a whole slew of research papers

Indica strains, however, contain a powerful, specific mix of cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD, etc., flavonoids, and terpenes, that interact holistically with our body’s endocannabinoid system to provide an overall warming, calming sensation throughout, which is why it's often referred to as a 'body high.' This soothing feeling explains why people often use indicas to release their body’s tension. So, for a quick recap:  

Sativas = Uplifting

Indicas = Relaxing

Old school stereotypes they may seem, but it really is a good place to start when selecting your next sativa live resin vapor cartridge. If you want to learn about the differences between the various cannabis varieties, you can read our ‘Indica v. Sativa v. Hybrid’ article.

Now that we’ve covered that, the question is, which sativa to choose? Glad you asked (wink, wink).

Choosing the Right Sativa?

With such a wide array of sativa options available, it can seem overwhelming when deciding which to buy. Not only do they vary in terms of terpenes, i.e., flavor, but there are difference in the potencies of our live resin vapes as well, which is why we devised this guide to helping you select the best live resin sativa vape for you!

WARNING - SHAMELESS PLUG: What we're about to tell you is cannabis 101 in its most direct and truthful form. What we’re about to tell you will also be a shameless plug. Obviously, we want you to buy our stuff, because it validates all the hard work our team has put into making a truly spectacular product. That what we’ve been honing and crafting for so long is being appreciated and enjoyed by people like you. This is an educational piece, but it's also a shameless plug, as mentioned above, and you should know that because at the end you’re going to want to buy something 😉. Why? Because our stuff is awesome and likely better than anything you’ve had before.

Level 1: Live Resin CBD Sativas

Smooth and Energizing

If you are looking for a smooth boost of cerebral energy, our live resin sativa CBD vapes are for you. Packing our lightest punch in all the best ways, these live resin CBD sativa vapes are a great place to be if you want to keep your focus and production up throughout the day.

Blue Dream

Originally created by combining Blueberry and Haze strains, this natural cross-pollination gave the CBD world a perfectly balanced daughter strain. Providing your tastebuds with the sensation of sweet, candied berries, a Blue Dream vape imbues the sensation of ultimate calm and energizing euphoria.

Hawaiian Haze

Say aloha to the ultimate chilled sativa strain. Think pineapple. Think mango. Think gently lapping waves at the shore of a palm-tree lined golden shoreline. That is what our Hawaiian Haze CBD vape has to offer.

Sweet, tropical fruit flavors entwine with a feeling of pure chill that will have you believing that you are laid back on an island beach. One for the purists, despite its relaxing characteristics, this is in fact a straight up sativa strain.

Level 2: Live Resin Full Spectrum Sativas

The Full Spectrum Sativa Difference

Our live resin full spectrum sativas pack a more powerful punch than our live resin CBD sativas. This is due to the addition of delta-8, which delivers a more pronounced ‘head high.’ Because of the unique ratio of THC:CBD, our live resin full spectrum vapes are really the truest expression of cannabis.

Super Sour Diesel

The clue is in the name. If you are a fan of all things sour, this is the cannabis strain for you. A Super Sour Diesel vape offers users an array of citrus flavors with pangs of refreshing herbs and pine - a real terpene-fuelled treat for the senses.

One of the truest cannabis experiences going, this live resin, full spectrum sativa cartridge packs a punch in all the right ways. 

Strawberry Cough

More energizing than Tropical Punch, one toke from a Strawberry Cough vape will leave you with a smile on your face and an enticing energy in your bones. As the name suggests, this strain tastes like the sweetest fresh strawberries. Perfect for those of you with an insatiable sweet tooth.

Take a feeling of sweet euphoria, add an energizing buzz and top it off with an uplifting sense of wellbeing. That is what Strawberry Cough brings to the table.

Level 3: Live Resin Delta-8 Sativas

Powerfully Uplifting

Our live resin delta-8 sativas utilize our most powerful live resin formula to crank the cerebral effects MAXIMUM! When you’re ready to talk to God, enjoy live resin delta-8 vapes.

Tropical Punch

The terpenes of this strain include caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene, producing flowery, pineapple-like notes. Known for its uplifting, relaxing effects, Tropical Punch vapes are often used as a means of helping with mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression.

If you want nothing more than to chill while listening to some good music with your buds to help wash away the worries of the day, then Tropical Punch can help you do just that.

Durban Poison

If you enjoy a sweetly-tangy, hard-hitting vape experience then Durban Poison may be just the strain for you. The strain’s complex terpene combination gives it flavors of citrus and anise, as well as a sweet crisp scent in the air.

The all-natural flavoring of a Durban Poison vape offers a fresh taste in the sinuses, and helps radically boost productivity, as well as offer the intuitive spark required to get that creative project off the ground.

Well, that's a great starting off point for sativas and what they have to offer. Here at the Woodstock Hemp Company, we only ever breathe in the good sh*t. We want you to know what you’re buying and we want you to feel comfortable with your cannabis experience. Learn all about the awesome latest strains that we have added to our collection here, or contact our team by emailing our founder himself jason@woodstockhempcompany.com or calling us on (503) 407-4500.

On one final note: It's totally cool to turn down a cannabis product based on it's effect if it's nothing something you're down with. Don't ever be afraid to say, "Nah, I'd rather not smoke a sativa." Some people might give you a hard time, because, like, "it's free cannabis," but that's because they're assholes. They may say something like, "Would you turn down a free shot?" Maybe, maybe not, but there's a difference. Most of us know how alcohol is going to affect us. We've been drinking it for a while and we can make a wise decision with that information. Chances are, if you're reading this article, you don't think you know everything about cannabis and you're open to learning more about cannabis, cannabis norms, cannabis culture, from free-thinking, hard-working, good, honest people and a good, honest company. 


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