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Top 6 Benefits of CBD Vaping for Your Mental Health

Mental Health Benefits of CBD

Top 6 Benefits of CBD Vaping for Your Mental Health

It’s no secret that hemp and cannabis have had a bad rep in the past. It’s completely understandable, given that it went hand in hand with criminal activity. However, since the gradual decriminalization and normalization of CBD products across the US, the country is starting to see the incredible benefits that come with it.

CBD products are becoming more widely renowned for their beneficial characteristics when it comes to helping aches and pains. However, hemp is such an awesome plant that it’s benefits go beyond the physical. Vaping has become popular across the US, and the benefits of vaping CBD when it comes to mental health are varied and awesome!

We love hemp inside out, and it's organic nature and ability to help people heal is at the core of this passion. Here are six benefits of CBD vaping for your mental health:

CBD Can Help With Anxiety

CBD products have become a popular source of respite for those that suffer from anxiety. In fact, 20% of people that use CBD products in the US do so to treat anxiety. On top of that, 40% of those that use CBD products for anxiety say that it is more effective than their prescribed meds. And it’s easy to see why. A 2019 study involving individuals suffering from anxiety showed that almost 80% felt they had reduced anxiety levels and 67% experienced improved sleep after using CBD products. When you break this down and really think about it, this is a truly unbelievable stat!

In this context, one of the awesome benefits of vaping CBD, rather than using CBD oils for example, is that many don’t know when their anxiety will strike. By having a vape cartridge on you at all times, you have the option of a helping hand if ever your anxiety requires a little soothing. 

CBD Can Help Combat Depression

Benefits of Vaping CBD

Approximately 264 million people are living with depression across the globe, which shows just how serious the issue is across the whole of the US and beyond. While there are treatments available, they don’t always work for everyone. Thanks to this, people have begun seeking alternative medicines and contemporary techniques to see what works for them.

Enter CBD products…

While CBD products don’t necessarily act like antidepressants, they do have an effect on the brain’s serotonin levels. Serotonin is a hormone that helps boost your mood, and low levels of it may kickstart depression. While CBD isn’t some miracle chemical that boosts serotonin, research shows that it does help your brain interact with the serotonin already hanging out in there.

CBD And Catching Zs

Whether you are suffering from the likes of insomnia or simply need a good rest after a long a$$ day at work, CBD vaping may be able to help you out. It doesn’t matter if you have a history of mental illness or not, sleep is key to a healthy mindset. Nothing quite refreshes the mind like an easy stroll through slumberland.

Hemp and cannabis products have a reputation for helping people relax. And for the most part, this is true for the majority of strains, while some others - like our bubba kush - actually help you gain focus. But if you’re in need of scientific proof, this study found that CBD helped improve the sleep quality of 65% of the subjects involved. 

CBD Can Treat PTSD

Chilling Out is One of the Benefits of Vaping CBD

Almost 10% of people have developed PTSD in the wake of a traumatic experience at some stage in their life. Treatment of PTSD can be difficult given the wide spectrum of causes and symptoms, but traditional therapy is the most commonly selected and highly recommended route.

We entirely agree that therapy is the best means of treatment, however recent studies have shown that CBD in conjunction with CBD has the potential to further suppress the symptoms of PTSD. This is particularly true when combined with THC, as with our full spectrum products (more info on the benefits of full-spectrum CBD here). The increased potency of the effects has been shown to help alter the aversive memories of subjects, in turn waning the symptomatology of PTSD. Pretty neat, right?

CBD Subdues Seizures

We’ve probably all seen the viral social media videos of people having seizures miraculously appeased by the effects of CBD products. And it is excellent news that this sort of footage has gained so much traction! 

One of the greatest benefits of vaping CBD is that it can help people suffering from epilepsy, Parkinson's disease or similar conditions to alleviate symptoms that can otherwise leave them incapacitated. The FDA approved cannabis-derived ingredients in the treatment of children suffering from epileptic seizures, which goes to show just how legit CBD is as a treatment technique.

CBD Chills You Out

Beyond the medical conditions that CBD can help alleviate, nullify and even stop altogether, it is great for helping you chill when you need it most. Every mind - no matter how crazy active you may be - needs its down time. So, if you need help unwinding, we recommend grabbing yourself a vape, lay back and inhale the good sh*t.

If you want to learn anything else about the benefits of vaping CBD, the products that we sell or anything else regarding the wonderful world of hemp, contact our team by emailing our founder himself or calling us on (503) 407-4500. 

Here at Woodstock Hemp Company, we live and breathe hemp (literally), so you can trust that we know what we are talking about.

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